Safe Transportation, Responsible Trading

Since 2008, our mission has been to connect the creation of goods
with points of sale and the final consumer – modern, reliable and simple.


Safe Transportation, Responsible Trading

The distribution is done with the privately owned vehicles of the company at the agreed time and with all the privileges offered by the integration of modern technology in customer service (on-site delivery, pricing, customer information).

Every day, we make the road, a temporary home for hundreds of products, traveling, 850 active codes from leading food product manufacturers according to the highest ISO 22: 000 certification standards. We have privately owned trucks with storage, freezing and mixed cargo compartments, manufactured in accordance with applicable Food Transport Regulations (ATP) – (F.R.C.). We also carry out daily ExVan sales of a special category of products (eg fresh milk and dairy products) with car pricing.

Utilizing a modern telematics system, we monitor every vehicle and manage all work, such as road safety and navigation, fuel and, most importantly, automatic electronic temperature recording, inside the booths throughout the 24-hour period, route and delivery. Thus, we can certify the observance of the refrigeration cycle and guarantee the preservation and integrity of the original value of the products.

delivers quality on the shelf, guaranteed, every day.

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You have every reason to ask for the best service, maximum security and reliable handling of your goods. In the company GERAKIS LOGISTICS we have every supply, to design together a beneficial cooperation, which will include top food products and will maximize the performance of your supply chain.