Ordering Services

Technology has helped GERAKIS LOGISTICS to optimize the completion of orders
and the transmission of information about the shipment of goods.


Ordering Services

All processes and ordering services are interconnected with the company’s central Logistics system and are performed automatically thanks to integrated warehouse management software (WMS) and customer service (CRM) software. In car sales (ExVan Sales) all ordering and delivery processes are completed on site, eliminating the picking process. In the classic ordering, the sellers of our company travel daily to the companies with which we cooperate. Equipped with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), they promote real-time orders at the company’s headquarters to be executed within 24 hours or the next day.

The brand "GERAKIS LOGISTICS" delivers quality on the shelf, guaranteed, every day.

Either by making ExVan sales or taking an order for immediate execution of the ordering systems applied by the sellers – drivers of the company:

They reduce the costs of handwriting errors.
They facilitate the control and management of stocks.
They increase performance and speed of service.
Customers are informed on the spot, valid and timely about the new products, their prices and the data that concern them.

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You have every reason to ask for the best service, maximum security and reliable handling of your goods. In the company GERAKIS LOGISTICS we have every supply, to design together a beneficial cooperation, which will include top food products and will maximize the performance of your supply chain.