Refrigerated Transports

Transportation - Storage: refrigerated & frozen

We operate throughout Central Macedonia in the Prefectures of Thessaloniki – Kilkis – Halkidiki with regular and flexible routes.

Refrigerated Transport Services

The company Nikolaos Gerakis Limited Partnership & CO for more than 10 years has been constantly striving to improve its services and to follow the demands of the market.

Our long and successful course in the field of distribution of fresh products has prompted us to become active in the transport of products (maintenance – freezing) on behalf of third parties.

The privately owned refrigerated trucks that man our fleet are able to ensure reliable and safe transport of refrigerated cargo as there is the necessary equipment (refrigeration machines with dual temperature elements – temperature measurement sensors) in all vehicles for sensitive perishable products (meat, cheese, dairy products, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, fish, yeast, medicines) so that they are transported safely and unaltered.

In addition, our highly trained staff of our company assists substantially with the primary concern of the safety of the goods.Our experienced and reliable drivers are controlled by GPS system throughout the entire handling.

Our company operates throughout Central Macedonia and especially in the prefectures of Thessaloniki-Kilkis-Halkidiki with regular and flexible routes.

Since 2008, we have created storage areas – refrigerated storage and freezing rooms, properly designed to safely accept perishable products. The peculiarities of each product find the ideal solution.

The products are stored and packed with special care. Each one is given a “Storage Lot”. Our refrigerators are equipped with the latest electronic temperature and safety monitoring devices.

The speed, reliability and high quality of our services create fertile ground for the development of our cooperation.

Our many years of experience and knowledge in the field of refrigerated transport is a guarantee for the excellent services we can offer you.

delivers quality on the shelf, guaranteed, every day.

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You have every reason to ask for the best service, maximum security and reliable handling of your goods. In the company GERAKIS LOGISTICS we have every supply, to design together a beneficial cooperation, which will include top food products and will maximize the performance of your supply chain.