Complete Logistics Services


Every day, we take care of the smooth movement and the proper delivery of 850 excellent products
in more than 200 companies in the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and Kilkis.


Complete Logistics Services

The corporate organization includes and offers:

  • Receipt and placement of supplied goods in a warehouse with optimal storage conditions.
  • Dry Load Maintenance, Freezing and Storage Services
  • Automatic finding of goods and batches for:
    • Immediate execution of orders
    • Fast traceability
    • Accuracy of information by tracking stocks per batch of production and expiration date, per code, item, order.
    • Export of goods and preparation for their distribution.
    • Ex-Van sales

Smart real-time resource management

Heart of the corporate operation in GERAKIS LOGISTICS is a Complete Warehouse System that integrates and interconnects not only all the operating departments of the company and any business operations, but in some cases, with the Customer Warehouse. In the language of digital business applications, it is called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Intra-Business Design System. In the language of logistics it means smart real-time resource management.

delivers quality on the shelf, guaranteed, every day.

With the integration of ERP technology in our operation we achieve:

  • Absolute control of trafficking and better service to businesses
  • acceleration of loading / unloading time
  • reducing the complexity of the functions
  • improving the validity of the inventory list
  • reduction of the time between ordering and delivery
  • ergonomic space management and productivity enhancement
  • reducing the volume and cost of stocks
  • increase reliability
  • optimal cost-performance ratio
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You have every reason to ask for the best service, maximum security and reliable handling of your goods. In the company GERAKIS LOGISTICS we have every supply, to design together a beneficial cooperation, which will include top food products and will maximize the performance of your supply chain.