Mission & Values

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At GERAKIS LOGISTICS, we ensure quality through measurable results in the triptych cost-time-validity. This is what our customers ask of us and in this way we contribute to the optimization of their supply chain. To your increased and complex needs for refueling with great products, it is important to find a partner who will respond promptly, reliably and friendly. Come to meet!


Our Mission & Our Values

Our mission is to create the maximum value added at the lowest possible cost for everyone. Every day, we convey the promise of our partners for safe and healthy goods and our ultimate desire is to keep it, not out of obligation, but out of a sense of responsibility to the market and the relationship between producers, distribution points and consumers. Trust is cultivated when everyone keeps their commitments and joins in the difficult.

In the company GERAKIS LOGISTICS we have established a special corporate daily life, followed by four principles:

Every day, better. Don’t settle for less that your full potential. Only look forward to quality. To claim with kindness and to declare with your practical intention the intention to constantly improve.
Benefit for everyone. Connect with reliable services the links of the food supply chain. To invest in infrastructure and knowledge To work for trust and foresight.
Transparency. Encourage the creation and ensure the maintenance of legal, clear and fair relations for all.
Health. To operate sustainably. Create value. Respect nature and pursue business and social balance with new media, smart ways, sustainable ideas.

delivers quality on the shelf, guaranteed, every day.

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You have every reason to ask for the best service, maximum security and reliable handling of your goods. In the company GERAKIS LOGISTICS we have every supply, to design together a beneficial cooperation, which will include top food products and will maximize the performance of your supply chain.